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Public Awareness Campaign

Combat the legalization of marijuana and other drugs by raising awareness of the harms and potential social and economic consequences by printing and distributing talking points brochures, videos, releases to the media, speaking engagements, newsletters, webinars and website development. Alcohol, tobacco and drugs currently cost the nation about $1 trillion a year, and claim 700,000 lives. This domestic war dwarfs all other forms of terror, and serves as the root cause of almost all of the nations social and economic problems.

Youth Programs – 21 Drug Free Challenge

Research at The National Center of Substance Abuse and Addiction (CASA) and Columbia University has shown “…..If a young person arrives at 21 prior to smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs, they are virtually certain never to do so.” (Joseph Califano Jr) Parents are the most important in achieving that end, followed by school environment. Aside from the social factors, research has now revealed that the human brain itself is not fully developed until the mid twenties, and until it is, it is much more vulnerable to harm and addiction. The disease of addiction is called a pediatric onset disease because it almost always starts with kids. To prevent the disease, we must start the process of protection and enlightenment early on, and continue until they arrive at adulthood healthy, well educated and free of the addiction that could destroy their lives, and inflict a heavy social and economic burden on society.

Patch or Cap A Kid ProgramPatch

By offering patches and caps in exchange for donations, we intend to saturate parents and kids with the knowledge that their goal must be get to kids to 21 drug-free, and if they do they should have a happy, healthy and productive adulthood. The Patch and/or Cap A Kid program will match donors with schools whereby all kids in an elementary school, or grade within the school, will receive a cap or patches. The donor will get good will plus a tax write off. The kids, parents and community will get the drug-free message, and we will rebate 50% or more of the cost to the school or club. For a minimum 100 cap order, a donor can put a personal logo on the side of the cap. Ideal for a real estate or insurance agent, service club or local business.

School Programs. Non-Punitive Random Student Drug Testing (NPRSDT) and Student Assistance Program

The best protection for a young person is a non-punitive random drug testing program at school, combined with an at-home drug test kit on the refrigerator, in case there is ever cause for concern. It is legal to test students who are engaged in athletics and extra curricular activities, which covers about 80%, and highly desirable to test all. Given the level of death, destruction and economic cost to the nation, a federal mandate to protect all middle and high school kids is certainly justified, and necessary. In the event it never happens, individual schools and communities should circle the wagons and protect their own. We have a model program that covers all students with an “opt out” provision, and gives them the ability to sustain the program by making drug test kits available for donations from parents. We are prepared to underwrite the cost to enable any school to begin. To the extent we have adequate funds from donations, we are also prepared to help cover the costs for Student Assistance Programs (SAP), particularly to help the 56% of kids who are at moderate to high risk of addiction.

The advantages of NPRSDT are numerous. It gives kids a reason to say “no” to peer pressure, improves academic achievement, reduces juvenile crimes and delinquency, keeps teachers out of the equation, gives parents an additional layer of protection, makes kids accountable for their own actions, gets parents involved when a problem occurs, detects a problem hopefully early enough to stave off addiction, keeps law enforcement on the sidelines and kids in school, and the results are confidential and destroyed on graduation. It costs $7 to $12,000 a year to educate a child, as little as $2 to protect them, and $392,000 per drop out if we don’t get the job done. On the average, a kid uses drugs for two years before parents even find out, and too often that’s when they are in trouble with the law, or in the morgue. NPRSDT isn’t the only prevention tool. But it’s the best, and it makes all of the other tools work better.

Again, we will underwrite the cost for any school in the nation that will implement our model program.

Skunk and Profile-In-Courage AwardSkunk Award

Identify and give a Skunk Award to elected and high profile individuals who actively promote legalization of drugs, promoting same in the media and with constituents in their districts; and identify and give a Profile In Courage award to those who reject monetary influence and fulfill their two most important responsibilities to protect people and tax dollars by rejecting any proliferation of harmful substances.

The massive amounts of money involved in illegal drugs has corrupted our political process at the local, state and federal level. It is time voters ferret out the bad ones and put people in office that will represent the people

Youth Programs

The organization will promote the Trading Card program, whereby upperclassmen in high school put their faces and credentials on a “baseball card” and present them to elementary school kids with a drug-free message. In Coronado the program has worked exceptionally well for 12 years. The local Rotary Club donates $5,000 to the Coronado SAFE Foundation to print the cards. As the younger kids get older, they aspire to be Trading Card Kids and stay drug and alcohol free, so it builds its own momentum. We will reward Trading Card Kids with letters of recognition to help with college admission requirements. This program is an ideal companion program for the Patch or Cap a Kid program